High-Quality Manuscript Preparation Ė
Because your publications reflect your reputation

Your reputation depends on the quality of your publications: Even one high-quality paper that clearly communicates your discoveries can greatly boost your reputation.

Your research took a lot of time, effort, and money. Donít risk it all by skimping on the manuscript. Remember, you'll get recognized only if your readers clearly understand your research. How do you ensure such understanding? Only one way: Get feedback from a careful scientist trained in the craft of effective scientific writing.

Advantages of Redmond Physical Sciences

    There are many editing services out there. Why should you choose us?
  • Quality through experience and teamwork All manuscripts are checked by a native-English scientist with over 10-years experience in scientific editing and teaching scientific writing. Moreover, we work together with you to ensure not only that your English is correct, but also that the ideas are clearly communicated to the readers. Our high-quality work can also get your paper published faster.

  • Fast turnaround time We normally finish a manuscript within three business days of the agreed-upon starting date.

  • High publication rate Because of the high-quality editing, publication of your article is limited only by the content.

  • Guaranteed work We work with you until you are satisfied. If requested, we will help you through the referee-review process, checking the revisions.

  • Free, no-obligation sample When you submit your manuscript, you may request a one-paragraph edit sample before deciding whether or not to proceed.

  • Reasonable prices We have several services to fit your needs and budget. Moreover, the pricing is a simple per-word rate (no added taxes or fees) so you can easily estimate your cost even before submitting your manuscript.

  • You may save on the journal publication cost Because we will likely make your writing more concise, your page-charges from the journal may decrease.

  • Completely confidential We do not reveal your name or any content of your manuscript to any other party.

From our Clients...

"Our manuscript was accepted without revisions and was published online within one month as a Rapid Communication. Thanks again for getting us published fast."
- M. Maruyama, Osaka City University