Cost for our work

To ensure the highest-quality editing for all, we charge 60 $(US)/hour.

To determine the total cost to check your manuscript, we

1) Accept any of your special instructions (e.g., "Also check the content and figures.")

2) Partly edit the document to estimate the time (hours) to complete. We round to the nearest half-hour. This may take a day or two if we are particularly busy.

3) Then charge US$ 60.00 per hour. a) This total charge will not increase even if the task takes us significantly longer than our estimate. But if the task takes less time, we charge less. b) Also, this charge includes all follow-up checks in response to our comments. c) There are no extra charges or taxes added. (For a well-prepared manuscript, this cost usually is about US$ 20-24 per 200 words.)

You pay after we finish the job. If your payment is more than 30 days late, we may add a small additional charge (5% surcharge for every 30 days past the payment due date).

Explanation of the editing level

Standard edit We check the writing and graphic effectiveness. Correct wording, sentence ordering, sentence structure, consistency, spelling, and grammar. We suggest ways to make the figures and tables more effective. We recommend that you have one or more colleagues check the content and completeness of your manuscript before sending it to us. In our corrections, we follow the writing and graphic recommendations of these sources. (A summary is on our writing tips page.) If you prefer a writing style different from these sources, then please tell us.

Cover letter check: We check the writing in your cover letter to the editor. We also make suggestions about the content.

Revised text: We check the paragraphs that you changed in response to referee or journal editor suggestions. We exempt paragraphs in which only a few words or symbols were changed.

Reply to referees check: We check the letter to the editor and the corresponding point-by-point description of the changes you made in response to the referee comments.

How to prepare your manuscript for faster editing

We have some suggestions on this page. You need not follow the suggestions, though they may help you to write better and help us edit your manuscript faster.


After you submit your manuscript,

  • Within 24 hrs, you will receive an email with an estimated time to provide the estimated cost.
  • When we finish, we email you two (2) files for each document you sent: File I has the Microsoft “track changes” feature, showing you the specific changes, File II has the changed text in final form. The email also contains a bill with instructions for payment and asks that the bill be paid within one month (30 days). Later payments incur additional interest charges of 5% per month.

How to Pay

We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB credit cards.

After we finish polishing your manuscript, we email you an invoice with instructions on how to pay. A copy of the instructions are here.